/> Comedian Seriously Accused Of Rape, Exposes Chats He Had With The Girl To Prove He Is Innocent



Comedian Seriously Accused Of Rape, Exposes Chats He Had With The Girl To Prove He Is Innocent

Nigerian Comedian, who is popularly known as ''Authority'', has been of rape, by a stranded girl he allegedly accommodated at his residence, for months.

He made a post via his Facebook account, and also released screenshots of his chats with her, to buttress the point that, he is innocent of the accusation.

His post read thus-

''It is a rape accusation and because, it is a crime I'm not guilty of, I have to do this, as my name is at stake.

For couple of months now, I have been housing this girl (Olayinka T. Hannah); because, of some sad stories she told me about how her stepfather and her mom is maltreatimg her and, she needed to leave them for a moment.

I invited her sometime in July and, sent her transportation. She has been staying in my house for couple of months now, before things became difficult for me, after my business crashed; and, I had to go into a new line of business, of which, I am still trying to find my ground.

On the 7th October, I messaged her on whatsapp that, I needed some space; and that, she should go to her grandma's place at Badagry for a while.

She agreed initially, but later refused to respect my decision, to do what I asked her to do.

Yes, we had intercourse most times. It happens whenever she wishes and want; if she says No, I stay off her.

On 21st October, 2020, we were on the bed when she told me, she was horny;few minutes later, I dropped my phone and, we had it. After the good times together, she told went to the rest room and came back; then, she told me she didn't enjoy it, and that was it.

The next day we had a talk and she mentioned of how she didn't enjoy it again, and other stuffs (voice record) attached.

On the 28th October, 2020, I reminded her of what I told her about her going to her grandma's place (screenshots and her respond is attached).

The next day, being 29th, we had an argument and, I told her to leave and, she got angry and told me she will deal with me and, make me pay for telling her to leave my house.

Now her way of dealing with me, is by calling me a rapist on social media. Anyways, this is a criminal offense and I will report myself to a police station tomorrow and, she will come for the case''.

Mr. Authority is determined to pursue the case to a logical conclusion. He would not want his personality defamed.

Check below for screenshots of their chats...

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