/> Buhari's Thursday Night Address To Nigeria: See 7 Unique And Shocking Points To Note From His Speech



Buhari's Thursday Night Address To Nigeria: See 7 Unique And Shocking Points To Note From His Speech

For weeks now, Nigerians have all been bent on having the President address the Nation. And finally, over two (2) days after the Lekki Toll Gate's massacre, the President finally addresses the Nation. For those who missed the recorded broadcast, here are the key points you need to note:

1. Do not take my quietness for weakness. The President actually stated that, the quietness of the Presidency, should not be taken as weakness.

2. Youths, we have heard you loud and clear. Stop protesting (he dedicated a whole paragraph to this). He took time to emphasize on this. The question now is, should the youths stop Protesting, when they know the president doesn't really care?

3. International communities, please mind your business and face your own country. Buhari actually stated that, International bodies should verify what they hear, before taking it in. This is the funniest part of the whole address. How can you tell the International bodies that, no one died from the tuesday massacre; and, after all the live videos from protesters who were eye witnesses, you still expect the international community to believe this lie?

4. Instead of giving the youths the assurance that, their demands would be looked into; Buhari took time to mention the list of his government's initiatives for the youths ( he ended up listing: N-Power, N-Teach, and N-Tech as separate entities and others).

5. Even for the fact that, all is not well in the country, Buhari urges all citizens of Nigeria, to please go about their normal businesses. This only shows that, he doesn't really care about us.

6. Buhari stated that, ''we will not tolerate any further nonsense''. This implies that, Lekki Toll-Gate Massacre, is just the beginning. Expect more sad tales, if you join the end SARS movement.

7. He never made any reference to the Killings at the Lekki Toll-Gate. He never even acted as though, something as sad as, ordering the Nigerian military to kill her own fellow citizens had happened there.

This level of zero sympathy and empathy, is so pathetic and condemnable. The President's level of insensitivity, is too obvious and high. 

We just hope it gets better.

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