/> Man Who Wrote The Article ''Diri's Sweet Victory'' Published On Sun News Accuses Gov Diri's Aide Of Failing To Pay Him After Writing The Said Article



Man Who Wrote The Article ''Diri's Sweet Victory'' Published On Sun News Accuses Gov Diri's Aide Of Failing To Pay Him After Writing The Said Article

Bura-Bari Nwilo, is the author of "The Colour Of A Thing Believed". He also wrote the article titled ''Diri's Sweet Victory''; after, the Supreme Court victory of Governor Douye Diri. This article was also published on Sun News.

However, he has accused one Allison Abanum, who works for Gov Diri, of failing to pay him after writing the said article.

Bura-Bari Nwilo wrote:
''Allison Abanum, the Soulless Fraudster Working for Governor Douye Diri of Bayelsa State.

Everyday on social media, there are updates about young Nigerians who are not doing enough or, those who are engaged in fraudulent activities. On the other hand, writers like me, who survive by freelance writing gigs are maltreated, psychologically tortured and, taken for granted by people who should know better. One of such terrible humans who has strained me mentally and dehumanized me for rendering a service to, is Allison Abanum.

The Warri-born man, who writes opinion pieces in support of Governor Douye Diri. 

On July 15, 2020, I was in front of the computer, trying to meet some deadlines of good humans who had commissioned me to write or edit their works. A call came through my phone and it was that of a friend called, Maureen Umeh. Maureen informed me that, someone was looking for a writer who could also write screenplay. She told me that the person who needed the services was a politician and, I made my displeasures for politicians clear but, gave a clause – it will be well paid.

Maureen encouraged me to write and said that, this particular man was different. She has known him for a while and she could take the risk, she said. I agreed, basically for my respect for Mrs Umeh. Unlike me, I did not ask for any financial commitment before the job. Maureen assured me that the article and script were needed the next day and I would be paid promptly. 

I told Maureen that if I am to work with individuals, I could charge as low as N5 naira per word for such work that would have me watch videos and read previously published essays; and since, I was working for a government, I would blame myself if I did not charge at least N60 per word, for the 1,300 words article that was requested of me, with such close deadline. They agreed and asked me to commence work. In less than 7 hours, both the essay about the Supreme Court victory of Governor Diri and a script about how safe Bayelsa was, were ready. I sent them to Maureen and she said the man said I missed out on some things. I edited it and I encouraged them to make corrections where necessary. On July 30th 2020, Sun Newspaper published the essay with the title Diri’s Sweet Victory. Allison had his name under the piece as agreed but I was not paid.  

They had promised to get back to me the next day. Of course, I did not hear from them. I kept calling Maureen to make sure they were serious about the payment. She called Allison and at some point, Allison called me to say that I was disturbing Maureen. How was I disturbing a man who was not clear about payment or even pacifying with the right language?

The next day became a week, and two and three, a month and more. And, he would not take my calls or send kind words while, promising a fixed date. Allison Abanum became a ghost, to an extent and, very callous about it too. 

I told him that, I was aware that sometimes, expected funds delay and I was okay with the promise of a fixed date, even if it was going to take a month more. Just make the promise and stand by it, I told him. The fraudster called Allison Abanum ignored my plea. My health failed at some point and, I could not afford the basic medication I needed; because, Allison collected funds from Governor Douye Diri and decided to watch me suffer and die. And Allison kept lying about how they were stuck in Abuja. My contact at the Bayelsa State Government House informed me that, they had been paid; yet, Allison would not do the needful.

I did not see a reason why Allison Abanum would, publish the essay and not pay for it. Or why he would commission a campaign script and refuse to pay me such tiny sum as N113,000.

I wish to let the world know that, Allison Abanum is a crook, insensitive fraudster and, one whose tactics would be to ruin anyone he works with; because, of his lies and inability to be accountable.

Allison Abanum will ruin the good reputation of, Senator Douye Diri and, other good-natured humans, who come across him. He is a terrible human who should be avoided.

Allison has worked in the print industry for a while; and, should know better, but he decided to be wicked with his actions, in a time when everyone is trying to survive after the Covid19 ruin''. 

This story, has been confirmed by many sources, to be true; and, we feel pained by this act. Especially, as it is being carried out on a writer and, media practitioner like us.


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