/> Hold IGP And GOV DIRI Responsible If Anything Happens To Vijah Opuama - Lawyer To Nigerians



Hold IGP And GOV DIRI Responsible If Anything Happens To Vijah Opuama - Lawyer To Nigerians

This ''Press Release'' was necessary, as Vijah Opuama, was secretly taken to an unknown location, by the officers of the Nigerian Police, yesterday, in disguise of, ''going to meet the IGP''.

In the afternoon hour, the Police came and took Vijah Opuama out of the station, on the pretence that, the Inspector General of Police (IGP), wants to speak with him, at Force Headquarters.

His Lawyer says-

"Ever since the time they handcuffed him and, went out with him, we have made all efforts to find out where they took Vijah to. But, all to no avail. He is not in Force Headquarters; and, has not been returned to the Police station, up till this moment.

Yesterday, we received a call from a strange number, claiming to be Vijah that, they took him to Zuba.

When we arrived the Area Court in Zuba, we did not meet Vijah there. The Police told us that, they arrained him for resisting arrest. We believed them; but, we did not meet or see Vijah there.

The purported Area Court Zuba, the Police claimed he was taken to, sat yesterday, between 9am to 11am; and, heard only three cases, of which, did not include that of Vijah. 

Incidentally, one of his Lawyers, who was also in that Area court through out yesterday, and saw all the cases that were heard said, there is no case like that of Vijah, that was mentioned''.

The big question is, where is Vijah?

The Federal High Court, has already ordered the IGP, to produce Vijah in Court on Monday. We are apprehensive that, they may have taken Vijah out of the station, to go and kill him. 

It is at this point that, we would say ''Nigerians, should hold the Police, Benson Agadaga, Chief of Staff Bayelsa State to Governor Douye Diri and, the Government of Bayelsa State responsible, if Vijah is not produced on Monday, at the Federal High Court; or, if anything happens to Vijah.

An Area Court or Police should not defy the orders of Federal High Court in any sane society.

The Inspector General Of Police, should respect Nigeria, and avoid being used, by Politicians, to score their ''cheap goals''.
Kindly, join the campaign, for the release of a hero, Vijah Opuama. Use the following harshtags on every social media platforms:





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