/> Federal High Court Frees Detained Bayelsa LM Guber Candidate Unconditionally



Federal High Court Frees Detained Bayelsa LM Guber Candidate Unconditionally

It's been over a month now, since the Liberation Movement's Governorship Candidate, at the November 16 Bayelsa State's Gubernatorial Election, Vijah Eldred Opuama, has been in the Police Custody.

It was reportedly said that, Vijah Opuama was arrested by Policemen, attached to the IGP Monitoring Unit, at the premises of the State’s Governorship Election Petitions Tribunal, sitting in Abuja, on August 15, 2020. 
This Unlawful arrest and detention of Vijah Opuama was made, while he was waiting for verdict to be delivered, on his petition against the Governor and his deputy, that was faced with an alleged Certificate forgery charges.

The reason for the arrest, was not formally declared; and, no formal Court arraignment was also made. He was only kept in dentention unlawfully.

Despite different speculations, his Lawyers and Bayelsans, have always maintained that, Vijah Opuama was not arrested for committing any offence. He is only being persecuted for rejecting bribe.

However, posterity was kind to all Bayelsans, as the Federal High Court, as of today, has freed him unconditionally.

We rejoice with him, for finally gaining his freedom; after being detained for 26 days, without bail, nor being charged to court on a purely civil matter.

Vijah is loved by many, as Bayelsans all came out in their numbers, to protest against is unlawful arrest, and many others, joined the the social Campaign for his release.

This story has only taught one thing- ''It is not over; until, it is over''.

The Journey for a better Bayelsa, must be achieved.


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