/> "Election No Be War'' By Jovin Should Be Played All Over Edo State Before The Sept 19th Election



"Election No Be War'' By Jovin Should Be Played All Over Edo State Before The Sept 19th Election

It is no news that, Edo state would be having their Gubernatorial Election, on the 19th of September, 2020; of which, there have been so many rumours and speculations of a violent election.

We have brought out a song, to remind all Nigerian youths, to remain calm and, maintain peace and order, during and after the Governorship election.

''Election No Be War'' by Jovin, is the right song, for this period. All youths, should familiarize themselves, with this song.

We all know, how manipulative, any Nigerian Politician could be; and we expect our youths to have learnt some lessons, from their experiences in previous elections, as itemized by Jovin, in this song.

Politicians only remember the youths, for thuggery and snatching of ballot boxes; and, after the election, they are all abandoned.

This narrative should be changed this time. We plead with the youths, to shun thuggery, corruption, and selling of votes, this time.

All Nigerian youths in Edo state, should surprise the whole world, this time, by making this election, a violence free one.
From the above photo, you would see, both Pastor Ize Iyamu and Obaseki, embracing each other at the Governorship Debate. Do they look like enemies there? No... Why is it difficult, for their Supporters to know that, it's just an election; and, not a war. Why fight for a politician, who would do not value your life?

Please, all PDP and APC supporters, should not kill; because of, any Politician. Nobody's political ambition, is worth any Nigerian's blood.

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Meanwhile, download ''Election No Be War'' by Jovin; and share this link also, to all youths. This song, should be played everywhere in Edo, before the election. The central message of the song, is the need to shun any form of Election malpractices and, violence.


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