/> Capt. Otiotio, A Civil War Veteran & Former Orderly To The Dreaded Black Scorpion To Be Buried Today



Capt. Otiotio, A Civil War Veteran & Former Orderly To The Dreaded Black Scorpion To Be Buried Today

Captain (Dr.) DAVIDSON IMIMO David Otiotio, was a retired Army Captain; and, it is regrettable, to speak of him in the past. He was a medical practitioner by training, and a poet by temperament.

He was a patriot of the first order, a man who stood up to be counted, when his beloved country came under threat He was, one of the brave men, who fought to keep Nigeria one, in the face of a dire civil strife, that almost tore the country apart. 

He was a man of principle, a God-fearing citizen of the world, who believed in caring for his neighbour, to the best of his ability, and a thorough-going gentleman, with a commitment to, fostering the common good in society.

Davidson Otiotio, in short, was always ready to be of help, and the choices he made in life, showed him to be, a man of great understanding and compassion; a man of great self-esteem and honour. 

Born in Nembe, in September 1951, Davidson Otiotio proved to be a very precocious child, early in life. He was full of questions, and quick to volunteer solutions, to every day challenges. Not surprisingly, he obtained his First School Leaving Certificate Examination, with credit in 1963, passing out from, the First County Council School of its kind in Bassambiri, Nembe. His brilliance was noticeable, even at that impressionable age. Rather than exhaust the eight years required to finish school, Davidson covered the syllabus in a space of six years.
He traversed five classes, in three years; between, 1961 and 1963.

Davidson Otiotio, was fascinated about the military from youth, and when he had a chance to join the Nigerian Army, at the tender age of 14, he did not hesitate. He enrolled at the Nigerian Military School, NMS, Zaria, in January 1966.

Following the military coup d'état of July 1966, he was moved to Government Secondary School, GSS, Afikpo, by the Eastern Command of the Nigerian Army. At the new school, he was selected for an accelerated Four-Year WASC programme, having done exceptionally well, in the Class 1 end of year examination.

In 1968, as a boy soldier, he followed the Nigerian federal troops around strategic bases.

At age 16, he trained recruits for the 19 Battalion, Nigerian Army, at TwonBrass, with two of his contemporaries from the Nigerian Military School, Zaria, namely: Colonel David Akono of blessed memory, and retired Navy Captain Ekeopre Beredugo. 

Davidson Otiotio, was such an exceptional young soldier that, before long, he became the official orderly, to one of the civil war's most notorious combatants, on the federal side, Brigadier-General Benjamin Adekunle, popularly known as, Black Scorpion. In that capacity, he saw fierced action, at the war front, and was a primary witness to the capture of Aba and surrounding towns, on September 4, 1968, by the Nigerian federal troops.

In 1969, he returned to the Nigerian Military School, NMS, Zaria, and concluded his secondary education there, in 1971, winning outstanding academic prizes, in 1969 and 1970.

He passed the WASC examination, with Division One Distinction, and was selected by the Nigerian Army, as one of the six pioneer students, from the NMS to earn a placement, at the Ahmadu Bello University, ABU, Zaria, in January 1972, to study Medicine.
His versatile intelligence came on show, when he received career training, in the military; while still undertaking academic studies, virtually overlapping, between the Nigerian Military School and Government Secondary School, Afikpo. In like manner, while still at the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Davidson Otiotio successfully combined his academic work, as a medical student from semester to semester, alongside his Army Officer-Cadet Training at the Nigerian Defence Academy, NDA.

He graduated as a qualified medical doctor, in 1978, and was duly deployed to serve, at the military hospital, first at Yaba, Lagos, and later, in Port Harcourt. He voluntarily retired from the army, as a captain in 1980, and worked in private medical clinics, till 1988, when he joined the Rivers State Civil Service.

He worked for many years, in different government hospitals, and was on, grade level 17, when Bayelsa State was created, in 1996. He immediately, moved to Yenagoa, and worked in several government hospitals, before retiring from the Bayelsa State Civil Service in 2011 as Chief Medical Officer. 

Dr. Davidson Otiotio earned a certificate, in Health Planning and Management, from the University of Ilorin, 1988, and undertook a short course, in Advanced Management, at ASCON, Badagry, in 2004.

He was singled out, for honourable recognition, in the Commissioner of Health's highest merit award series, 1998-1999, for his remarkable dedication to duty.

Davidson Otiotio, was obsessed with history books, and had a long-standing passion for creative literature. His medium for self-expression was poetry, and his interest was encouraged, when some of his poems were published, in The Mariner, journal of the Association of Nigerian Authors, ANA, Bayelsa State chapter.

He has also published a few other poems, in local newspapers. He readily named his other hobbies to include; swimming, jogging, and playing volley ball.

Davidson Imimo David Otiotio, passed on, in the course of a brief illness, on the 26th of June, 2020. His remains will be laid to rest on September 12, 2020, at his home town, Nembe Bassambiri. 

He is survived by, two wives and five children, as well as, a host of brothers, sisters, cousins, family relations, friends and admirers.

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