/> Big Brother Naija: Nengi's Real Age Exposed



Big Brother Naija: Nengi's Real Age Exposed

We hope you remember, Rebecca Nengi Hampson? She is popularly called Nengi, at the Big Brother House.

During, the opening of the show last month, we were all introduced to Nengi, the contestant number 23. She said, she is 22 years old, of which, we reluctantly accepted.

However, yesterday, she told Ozo that, her mother died, when she was only 17 years; and, she also said, she lost her mother 11 years ago.

This is the funny part, 17 plus 11, is equal to what?

Our dear esteem readers, the last time, we used our calculator, 17 plus 11, was 28.

This is only our opinion: Nengi, I likely to be 28 years old; and, not 22 years old.

Moreover, she doesn't look 22. We are aware that, she is very beautiful and attractive; but, she is definitely older than 22 years.

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