/> Attempt Made By The IGP, To Further Detain Vijah Inowei Eldred Opuama Fails



Attempt Made By The IGP, To Further Detain Vijah Inowei Eldred Opuama Fails

Attempt made by the IGP, to further detain Vijah Inowei Eldred Opuama fails, as court turns down plea by his prosecutors, to keep him detained till the end of November 2020. 

Vijah Opuama, who contested the November 16, Bayelsa State Gubernatorial election, under the Liberation Movement Party, was unlawfully arrested and detained, by the men of the Nigerian Police, under the IGP Monitoring Unit, few hours, before the tribunal judgement was passed.

The unlawful arrest was Influenced by, the Chief of staff to the Bayelsa State Governor, Chief Benson Agadaga. He alleges that, the leaked audio, released by Opuama, where a man who identified himself as, Chief Benson Agadaga was heard inducing and bribing Opuama, was a set up.

But, Vijah was kept in detention, for over 3 weeks, without any formal Court arraignment.

However, after the IGP's failure to appear in Court, on Monday, with the Governorship Candidate of the Liberation Movement, Vijah Inowei Eldred Opuama; the IGP however, made it this time. He was eventually charged to court today

Well, fresh frivolous charges were proffered against him; but, it would Interest you to know that, all the charges from the petition of the Chief of staff to the Bayelsa state governor, Benson Agadaga, were dropped.

Meanwhile, the police is alleging that, Vijah fought them, when they came for his arrest.

The good news is, Vijah's bail is currently being processed.

Thanks to the judge, who would not allow his sacred chamber be desecrated by purveyors of injustice and oppression. 

Those who see power as an instrument of oppression and their cheerers, should have it at the back of their mind that, power is transient.

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