/> Edo Governorship Debate: See Obaseki's Response To Questions Asked And Ize Iyamu's Reactions



Edo Governorship Debate: See Obaseki's Response To Questions Asked And Ize Iyamu's Reactions

Ahead of the most anticipated election in Nigeria, ''Edo State Gubernatorial Election'', see Governor Obaseki's response to some questions asked, at the Governorship Debate, held in Benin City:
1. When he was asked, about employments and job creation, Obaseki made reference to appointment of over 2000 SSAs.

This is so funny; because, appointment of Special Assistances or Advisers, is not equal to employments and job creation.

2. He however, admitted that, the modular refinery is a federal government initiative and, this implies that, his 700 million naira contribution, only shows his insensitivity to the project.

3. Instead of focusing on the successes and failures of his Government, he finds a way to blame his predecessor.

However, it is scandalous for Obaseki to blame his predecessor, about debt profile, forgetting the fact that, he was the chairman of the Economic team then. 

4. Obaseki lied about the 200,000 job creation. There was no employment in the health sector, education and etc.
Pastor Ize Iyamu, however, pointed out some basic facts, at the debate. He stated categorically that, the governor had borrowed over N75b on Agriculture, like the ''Agenebode Rice Project'' and other agric Projects, which were all failed projects.

Pastor Ize Iyamu also stated categorically, at the debate that, the governor security votes increased substantially; but, the security men are going about with rickety vehicles.

Election would come and go; but, the message from all of us at Doknaija.com, is that, every Edo citizens and residents, should vote wisely.
And most importantly, vote and don't fight. See both Pastor Ize Iyamu and Obaseki, embracing each other at the Governorship Debate, in the above photograph. Do they look like enemies? No... It's just an election; and, not a war. Please, all PDP and APC supporters, should remember see this photo. Don't kill someone, because of any Politician. No politician's ambition, is worth any Nigerian's blood.

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