/> Remembering The Good Old Days: See List Of Things We Could Not Do Without While Growing Up



Remembering The Good Old Days: See List Of Things We Could Not Do Without While Growing Up

Remembering how life in the 90s was, you would agree with me that, growing up in the 90s, was fun.

I've highlighted a long list of what this current ''Indomie Generation'' did not meet.

They will never know the struggle we went through, with:

1. Remember ''getjar.com''?
This was equivalent to the ''playstore'' of these days. It was our only hope then. We were always out, looking for a means to download 2go app.

2. Remember Waptrick.com? The original waptrick and, not this wapdam or whatever they call it now. It was our ''everything'' then: music, videos, games, etc. Now, we have websites like www.doknaija.com, and the likes, for easy and fast downloads.

3. Remember, what we use to have then, were just, Java and Symbian phones. Remember, how we would unknowingly download, a Symbian game into our java phone.

4. Having to load google page by page.

5. Downloading ringtones. Now, we have phones that could use normal music as Ringing tones. Then, we would download sound tracks as ringtones.

6. Downloading wallpapers and themes. This part is very funny.

Everybody had Chris Brown's but, I preferred D&G or MJ themes as my

7. Remember downloading one song (Just one song); and then, that song ends up destroying your phone with virus.

That's how I spoilt my Nokia xpress Music phone.

8. You were a big boy (real big boy) if you could use, a whole 1mb to download 1 game.

Then, 1mb was like 1 terabyte.

9. Do you remember sefan.ru? It was d main site with screen size download.

This ''Indomie Generation'', will not understand these things. Choosing screen size before downloading anything, is something funny now; but, it was the long process of downloading any file then.

10. Exhausting your data before your download completes Just forget it, Your account balance is 0.00 naira.

11. Remember ''Redwap"?

12. Remember the days of infrared? Symbian phones like Sony Ericsson, then, do not have Bluetooth, so we used infrared to transfer files. And then, it saves to your phone inbox.

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