/> Plans By Bayelsa State Government To Kill Tribunal's Petitioner, Vijah Opuama Uncovered By Bayelsans



Plans By Bayelsa State Government To Kill Tribunal's Petitioner, Vijah Opuama Uncovered By Bayelsans

Vijah Opuama, also known as, Mr Intergrity; was the Petitioner at the Bayelsa State Election Petition Tribunal, that gave the Government of Bayelsa State, sleepless nights.

However, he was intimidated and subsequently, arrested and illegally detained by the Inspector General Of Police Monitoring Unit.

Meanwhile, his arrest was sponsored by, the Chief Of Staff, Government House, Hon. Benson Agadaga; as the arrest was made, even before the judgement of the Tribunal was passed.

However, Vijah Opuama Campaign Organization (VOCA), has made a ''Press Release'', to that effect.

It read thus:-

''Vijah Opuama Campaign Organization (VOCA), has uncovered the sinister move by the Government of Bayelsa state, to kill the candidate of Liberation Movement, Mr. Vijah Opuama; who is, illegally being detained, under unfavorable human conditions, by the Inspector General of Police Monitoring Unit, at the Force Headquarters, Abuja.

This discovery came after the Bayelsa State Governorship Election Petition Tribunal's decision in ANDP vs INEC & 2 Ors, which nullified the election of 16th November 2019, in Bayelsa state.

Mr. Opuama was arrested, on the 15th day of August, 2020; by men of the Inspector General of Police Monitoring Unit, within the premises of the Bayelsa State Governorship Election Petition Tribunal, sitting in Abuja, on the instructions of the Bayelsa State Government Chief of Staff, Benson Agadaga; while, judgment was being delivered in his matter with INEC & 3 Ors. 

The powers that be in Creek Haven, have perfected plans to kill our Principal at the 16 November 2019 governorship election, in Bayelsa state, so as to frustrate the appeal in his own case, seeking to disqualify the People's Democratic Party (PDP), His Excellency, Governor Douye Diri and his Deputy, Lawrence Ewhrudjakpo; and, also frustrate Mr. Opuama's participation in the fresh election, due to his fast growing popularity and acceptability in Bayelsa state, which is now a threat to the PDP and their unpopular candidates in the event that, they are not disqualified before the fresh election.

We wonder why, a respectable institution like the Nigeria Police Force will allow itself to be used, by politicians to frustrate a law abiding citizen like, Mr. Opuama; by refusing to grant him bail despite, several applications and meeting his administrative bail conditions and, have equally refused to charge him to court.

We maintain that, Mr. Opuama has not committed any crime known to law, to warrant his incarceration. 

We call on Mr. President, Muhammadu Buhari, to call men of the IGP Monitoring Unit to order. 

We call on Bayelsans and, well meaning Nigerians; to hold the current administration of Bayelsa state and the Nigeria Police Force responsible, should anything happen to Mr. Opuama, as his team of lawyers, continue to explore all legal means to put an end to this show of, executive rascality by the Bayelsa state government''.

The Press Release, was signed by Tuebi Sapere-Obi, the Director-general of Vijah Opuama Campaign Organization (VOCA).

Meanwhile, below are photos of relevant documents, depicting the moves by his Legal Team, to get him out of detention...
We are of the opinion that, this unlawful arrest and detention, is uncalled for. If you have anything against the man, you should charge him to court; rather than, holding him down in detention, for no just reason.

We think if this continues, it might lead to series of protests and civil unrest in Bayelsa state. Hence, I plead with the relevant authorities, to look into this matter and, put an end to this injustice.

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