/> Group Condemns The Unlawful Detention of Vijah Opuama And The PDP Sponsored Protest Against The Tribunal's Judgement



Group Condemns The Unlawful Detention of Vijah Opuama And The PDP Sponsored Protest Against The Tribunal's Judgement

A non-governmental organization, under the body of ''Concerned Progressive Youths'', condemns the continuous and, unlawful detention of Vijah Opuama; and, the PDP Sponsored protest, against the Tribunal's Judgement.

The group condemns with utmost displeasure, how the entire student community, was poorly portrayed by Bayelsa State students and student leaders, within the People's Democratic Party (PDP).

While, other students all over Nigeria, with their leaders, were at Abuja, protesting for the re-opening of schools; the Bayelsa State students, were hired to stage a protest, against the Judiciary arm of the government, over the Monday Tribunal's Judgement.
 The group noted that, they have failed to redirect the same energy towards demanding for school fees reduction, under this new government. This is totally unacceptable and shameful.

The group also noted that, the protest was carried out by imposters, that ended up destroying the image of the Bayelsa student community.
Protesting against a Court order, only questions, the sentivity, sanity and free will of the tribunal; that gave the ruling party in the state (PDP), four victories out of, five clear cases against them.

It is an insult on the judiciary; and, an act that questions the integrity and fairness of the judicial system, must not be allowed to happen again.

The group also stated that, it has never been heard, where a political party, acted in place of INEC, the first respondent; by, being the first to throw in a watery appeal, which lacks all forms of logic.

An Appeal, pleading for, a minority decision, to supersede the majority decision of the Tribunal, was what was filed by the PDP; and has been their agitations in the state.

One would wonder why, the PDP, that has been a sole beneficiary of the majority decision, in four judgements of the court, would be demanding for the opposite, this time around.

It is Crystal clear that, all those protesting against the majority decision of the Tribunal, are not in their right frame of mind.

The group also called the attention of the general public, to the Unlawful and politically prompted arrest and detention of, Vijah Opuama, by the Chief Of Staff, to the Government of Bayela State, Benson Agadaga.
Everyone knows, he was arrested with d intention to stop him from Appealing his case; and, that is why, over 10 days that, he has been in detention now, he is yet to be charged with anything.

However, the group urges Benson Agadaga, to charge Vijah Opuama to court, if he has any allegation against him; otherwise, Vijah Opuama, should be unconditionally released from the police custody, with immediate effect.

Meanwhile, the group also urges the public to hold Benson Agadaga, the Governor, and the Government of Bayelsa State responsible, should anything happen to Vijah Opuama, at the Police Custody.

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