/> ''Free Vijah Opuama'' Campaign: Say No To The Unlawful Arrest And Detention Of Vijah Opuama



''Free Vijah Opuama'' Campaign: Say No To The Unlawful Arrest And Detention Of Vijah Opuama

Vijah Opuama, is the Governorship candidate of the Liberation Movement Party; and also, the Petitioner, at the Bayelsa State Election Petition Tribunal.

It is over a week now, since Vijah Eldred Opuama has been detained by, men of the Nigeria Police, for an allegation of criminal defamation.

Rumour has it that, he allegedly defamed the Chief of Staff of Bayelsa State, hence, the arrest.

However, I have patiently observed how Bayelsans have been reacting to the incident; and, I think in all sincerity that, I should say these:

1. Vijah Eldred Opuama is a Nigerian, and as such, he is subject to, the law of the land. He can be arrested for sure; but, only if, a sound allegation is made against him, with enough evidence to take him down.

2. However, the Police who arrested him, is also subject to the same law of the land. Before any arrest is made, the police is to follow every professional ethics, expected by a parastatal of that class.

The police is not expected, to be used by anybody, for the purpose of intimidation and show of power. It is not supposed to be used, as a tool by anybody. That is, what is professional of the police is that, even before arrest is to be made, basic investigation concerning the matter, must have been concluded; because, that would lead to a speedy arraignment in Court. 

Invitation could also be done, before arresting the person.

But, with what we have seen thus far, shows that, something is wrong somewhere. In that, he was arrested, by the men of the Nigerian Police, following the order of the Chief of State, Government house, Hon. Benson Agadaga; few hours before the judgement of the tribunal, was even passed, in favour of the PDP & Sen. Douye Diri.

Any sane person, would conclude, there was a compromise, somewhere.

However, it's over one week, into his arrest; and, no arraignment has been done, neither has any charge been filed against him.

This is unprofessional, and should be totally condemned. If they are not ready to charge him to court, then why detain him? 

3. Criminal defamation, is not a Capital Offence. It is a simple Offence under our criminal jurisprudence; therefore, even the magistrate court, with summary jurisdiction, has the power to try the offense.
This by implication, means that, the offense is one that, does not demand this length of detention observed. If anyone has a good case against him, let him be charged to court.

But, if this is not done, it leaves us with the impression that, his unlawful arrest and detention, is simply, a strategy by the Bayelsa State Government, to restrain him from, exercising his right to appeal the Tribunal's Judgement.

4. To every Ijaw youths, It is obvious that, politics has divided us. This is why, we do not care about what happens to other Ijaw Youths, like us. It is quite unfortunate that, it is the youths that are been used as the foot soldiers, to fight their fellow youths.

I understand that, we might be of different party; but, let's not watch this injustice go on, right under our nose.

This is no more politics, anymore. Using the police to intimidate people, is not politics anymore.

Someone's life, is being endangered in the Police Custody.

Vijah Opuama, is being exposed to Covid19, due to the poor sanitary conditions of the Police station.

Also, Benson Agadaga, the Chief of Staff, should remember that, arresting Vijah on the day of his tribunal judgment, sends out a wrong signal.

Vijah has his right to liberty, as a Nigerian and that should be respected. 

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