/> Nigerian Police & Bail: Is Bail Really Free?



Nigerian Police & Bail: Is Bail Really Free?

To all my fellow Nigerians, ''bail is free'' could be the most stressed; but, seemingly untrue statement in Nigeria.

Right from the day I was born; the day you were born; and even, the day your parents were born, you would agree with me that, we all might have been told bail was free; but, end up paying for bail.

A lot of Nigerians, have taken this concept of, ''bail being free'', as a lie.

Please, note: this is only my opinion; but, was gathered from my different experiences with the Nigerian Police.

However, bail is a conditional release of an accused person; probably, awaiting trial.

Constitutionally, the Police do not have the right to detain anybody, beyond 48 hours; except, it's a capital or other serious offences.

Yes! Bail is actually free! But, I know it's strange to you; because, we all have in different times, given a token to the Nigerian Police for bail.

I have a friend, who was arrested, on his way back from work; during a Police raid at his neighborhood. You know these casual raids in Nigeria, need to be put to an end.

I was shocked, when he narrated his ordeal to me. He said he negotiated his bail, even before they got to the Station. So, he was actually released, halfway to the station, after he paid for his bail.

This is somebody that didn't steal from anyone. He was only returning from work.

Funny right? Yes! We hear this kind of bail stories daily.

A lot of persons, might have done that, out of fear or ignorance. And, that has been a motivating factor, for the police to always demand for money ILLEGALLY, before they grant bail.

The essence of my article today, is for the public to be aware of the fact that, ''bail is totally free''.

You should know that, you have no business with the running of any police station; hence, no Police officer has the right to demand for payment of bail (in form of station maintenance fees).

Contact the Public Complaint Rapid Response Unit, to report any illegal act of the Nigerian Police.

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