/> Counsel To Petitioner At The Election Tribunal Reveals Inducement Plots & Threat To The Life Of His Client



Counsel To Petitioner At The Election Tribunal Reveals Inducement Plots & Threat To The Life Of His Client

Barr. E.A Aluzu, a counsel, representing Hon. Vijah Inowei Opuama, the Petitioner, at the Bayelsa State Election Petition Tribunal, has revealed all that has transpired so far, between the PDP, the Governor and, his client.

Through a post made, via his Facebook account, he also stressed on the recent threat to the life of his client.

It reads thus:

''Vijah Inowei Eldred Opuama, was the first among the petitioners to file a petition; thereby, reconstituting the tribunal.

When you did it, you abused, denigrated and spited the young man, for being ignorant or misled by a baby lawyer. 

Nine (9) others saw the window, the young man saw; and, filed after him.

Those 9 others, betrayed you; and, properly accentuate your crass ignorance.

Vijah was under huge pressure to withdraw his matter.

From wooing, to financial inducements. And even, many emissaries were sent to him.

While others were being offered ₦5m to withdraw their matter, Vijah's offer rose to ₦20m; and later, ₦100m.

The young man refused, and turned all the offers down.

We, his Lawyers were approached. His associates were also approached, to speak with him and his team of lawyers. It didn't work.

Vijah raised alarm about the financial inducements; when, the calls were so much. 

However, you claimed, he was seeking attention with no evidence; and that, he was blackmailing your principals.

Thereafter, audios were leaked.

Voices of Principal actors in your government were recognized, in those audios.

One of the Governor's Lawyers in the audio, properly identified himself; and even, called with his direct number, begging for settlement.

More phone calls came in, with prominent personalities seeking for appointment to settle; saying, your paymasters, were being on their neck, to plead with us to collect something and forget about the case. All these phone calls records, are still intact.

When the young man continued to turn them down, it resorted to threat to life.

You that is just an errand boy, struggling for your data subscription money, said, he was only seeking attention.

While, all these were going on, 5 out of the total 10 petitions were withdrawn, after compromise was reached, between the Respondents and the Petitioners, in those cases.

Brown envelopes exchanged hands.

You tagged the ''brown envelopes'', "a miracle".

Then, an attempt was made, on the life of one of the Petitioners, who filed along his party, as 2nd Petitioner; and, when the compromise was reached between him and the Respondents, his party objects to the withdrawal of the suit, leading to just his name to be strucked out, while the pendency of the matter still subsist.

The Respondents felt being played out on their cash; and, made an attempt on him.

You said it was ''miracle fighting'', your Miracle detractors.

You came up with all sorts of stories.

From him, not being a graduate; to, him, changing name to that of his wife's name.

You even petitioned him to IGP Monitoring Unit, to make sure that, he was arrested; so, he will not testify in his own matter. 

It did not stop there.

You also said he was being sponsored.

The young man who used GoFundMe account, to run his campaign; also used, GoFundMe, to try to raise funds to take care of his expenses at the Tribunal.

You said, he is trying to scam people.

You don't seem to understand, how someone you claimed collected about ₦400m, from 2 persons, will be soliciting for public assistance.

You are surprised right? 

You went further to say his lawyer, has not won any case before.

Hon. Vijah and his Lawyers, ignored you; because, a Lion does not concern itself with the opinion of Sheeps.

Then, you started carrying out your threats.

You wrote his lawyer, to tender an apology to you; or, risk being sued for criminal defamation.

His lawyer rightly ignored you; because, the only thing that made sense in that your letter was, his name that you mentioned in it.

Then, you went to the NBA branch of his Lawyer, in Bayelsa state; and, used the chairperson of the branch to petition his lawyer, and to also, recommend his lawyer for disciplinary committee, which the chairperson signed herself.

As if that was not enough, you started victimising his Lawyer's family members in the state.

After all these failed, you came back like a dog, with tail in-between its legs and upped your offer.

It went from millions to billions.

The moment you were turned down, you came up with another plan to arrest him and blame DSS for it.

Who knows, you might possibly kill him too.

The young man has raised alarm again.

As usual, you came out to say, he was seeking attention.

Are you waiting for him to be killed first?

When people raise alarm, it is not for your pleasure.

The alarm was risen, for those who are genuinely concerned.

If you feel the young man's case is not genuine; why not, allow him to continue to live in his fools paradise, in peace?

Even if you succeed in killing the young man, there are other four petitions at the Tribunal, that also led similar evidence the young man led.

Why all these unnecessary diversionary tactics, by continuously harassing us from one frivolous petition, to another; and, attempt to arrest us?''.

Our view on this is: the Governor, should quietly stay out of the issue. He has been brought out, so many times, which is not good.
The case majorly, is about an alleged Certificate Forgery; which concerns only his deputy, Sen. Lawrence Ewhrujakpo, more.

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